From the Northern region of the Indian sub-continent, we import the most exotic and flavorful spices to create authentic Indian dishes. A dining experience you will not soon forget awaits you at 7Spice. It is in the heart of Northern VA. The atmosphere at 7Spice is casual and inviting, offering fresh food with a friendly and attentive staff. Food at 7Spice is prepared fresh daily. 7Spice offers an extensive wine and beer list and a fully stocked bar. Creamy curries, rose and cardamom-scented sweets, fragrant grilled meats and seafood cooked in tandoor making it Low Fat . Lamb chops, aromatic with spices, the flavorful chicken and the smoky salmon. A vegan menu is also available.

House Specialties


Butter Chicken

A classic favorite made with tandoori chicken juliennes cooked with green peppers,fenugreek,ginger and garlic in a tomato sauce flavored with nine Indian spices.


Paneer Pasanda Mumtaz

Cottage cheese, ginger, cilantro, nuts, raisin, creamy roasted onion sauce,

lamb chop masala

Lamb Chop Masala

Clay pit charbroiled, finish in tangy onion chili blend sauce, scallion, garam masala.


Bengal Fish/Shrimp Curry

Salmon/Shrimp, onion, tomato, cilantro, chef’s selected spices.

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